Order vape online in USA, You might observe certain differences between the way you vape and the way you smoked when you move from smoking to vaping. You might think you’re vaping more than you ever smoked, for instance.

There are a few reasons why you might be vaping more than you were smoking if this is the case. It’s critical to recognize that vaping is not the same as smoking. Although vapes can give smokers who want to switch to vaping a sense of familiarity, they are very distinct goods. As a result, you might discover that your smoking and vaping behaviors are starting to diverge. However, just because you develop new behaviors doesn’t necessarily indicate that you should be concerned.

Here, we examine some of the key causes for why you may be vaping more frequently than you smoke. If you’d want to learn more about reducing your vaping, we can also show you how to do that.


Vapes have the potential to be more practical and user-friendly than cigarettes in many aspects. Vaping is fantastic in large part because it is convenient. However, because the vaporizer is so accessible, you might use it more frequently than you might have anticipated.

You might be vaping more frequently than you were smoking due to a few convenience advantages. The following are some of them.

Easier to Use Indoors

Some people might find vaping indoors more convenient than smoking because there are fewer health and fire safety risks. According to estimates, vaping poses significantly less of a health risk than smoking.1 Smoking indoors exposes people to second-hand smoke, which is unhealthy for everyone’s health.1 Contrarily, there is currently no proof that exposure to secondhand vape vapour is harmful.1

Smoking indoors poses a greater fire risk than does vaping.1 In England, there are about 2,700 fires annually that are caused by smoking.1 This is a lot more than the amount of vaping-related fires brought on by fake or subpar vape chargers.1 Read The Truth About Vaping and Smoke Alarms in our guide to find out more about vaping and fire safety.

After taking everything into account, you could be more likely to vape indoors than to smoke. Vaping is less complicated than smoking outside, therefore you might find yourself doing it more often because there are fewer precautions to take in order to do it safely. Although it can be convenient to vape indoors, you should only do so if it is legal and safe to do so.

Solution: Start vaping only outside if you realise that you are vaping more as a result of indoor vaping’s convenience. This may help you better limit your use by increasing your awareness of when you are vaping.

Less Weather-Dependent

Since smoking is prohibited in enclosed public locations in the UK2, it’s likely that any public smoking you’ve done has taken place outside. When the weather is terrible, this can be a hassle. Even going outside for a cigarette would have been less appealing when it was chilly or raining. Vaping is not subject to the same regulations as smoking in public areas.3

You may be vaping more than you smoke right now if the poor weather weren’t preventing you from going outside. Nevertheless, a lot of enclosed public spaces still prohibit vaping inside; it is, therefore, best to confirm this with the establishment. ‘Can I Vape Indoors?’ is a guide that has additional information on this subject.

Fewer Moving Parts

Consider disposable vapes, which may be used right away after being removed from their packaging. The user typically only needs to draw on a disposable to begin vaping. This may make vaping more convenient, leading you to vape more frequently than you may have smoked.

With a disposable vape, you won’t need to carry extras like a lighter, an ashtray, filters, rolling paper, or tobacco like you would with a cigarette. Particularly for people who roll their own cigarettes, vaping is a more convenient experience than smoking cigarettes because there are less processes involved.

This may still be more practical than smoking a cigarette, even when considering how rechargeable vapes are set up. While you’ll occasionally need to change a coil, clean the vape, and charge it up, you won’t need to do these things every time you take a drag.

Longer Lasting

With vaping, there is not the same definitive finish as there is with smoking. The majority of disposable vaporizers have an approximate lifespan of 600 puffs or more. If the e-liquid is correctly filled off, you can often vape for far longer than you can smoke a single cigarette, even when utilising rechargeable vapes. If vaping doesn’t have a more defined end, you can find that you use the device longer than you can smoke a single cigarette, which could result in you vaping more than you smoked.

Giving yourself a time limit for when you vape may be of assistance. This could bring your vaping experience to a more satisfying conclusion, preventing you from vaping excessively and substituting vaping for smoking. You can monitor how many puffs you take using some vapes that have a puff counter, like the Vinci Pod Kit. Why not use a vape with this count feature and limit how many puffs you take during the day if you feel like you’re smoking excessively?

Nicotine Content in E-Liquids

You might be vaping more frequently than you were smoking because you’re not using the nicotine strength that best suits your tastes. In the UK, e-liquids are available in a range of strengths, with the highest being 20 mg/ml. It’s fantastic to have so many different strengths to pick from, especially if you’re new to vaping and have recently switched from smoking. It can be challenging to determine which strength is most appropriate for your needs, though. order vape carts in canada

You might vape more if you select an e-liquid with a lower nicotine strength than your preferences allow. One study discovered that people who vaped with lower nicotine strengths ingested more of it than people who vaped with higher strengths.4 However, nicotine vaping is entirely a matter of personal preference. It’s not a given that switching to an e-liquid with more nicotine potency will result in less vaping. order vape online in usa

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Solution: Researching the various nicotine levels in e-liquids might help you choose the one that is best for you. Higher nicotine strengths, such 18 mg, and 20 mg, can be the best option if you were a heavy smoker. For further details, see our article on The Best Vapes for Heavy Smokers. Alternately, if you smoked less frequently, a strength of 3 mg might be more appealing to you.

It takes practise to get the optimum nicotine strength, and you might need to experiment with a few different options before you discover the right balance. We are always here to help you navigate the procedure if you are just beginning your vaping experience. To speak with a knowledgeable member of our vaping team, contact us. order vape online in usa

There are other elements that can influence how satisfied you are with your vaping experience in addition to the nicotine level you are vaping at. While other 50/50 e-liquids with large concentrations of nicotine can bring a harsher throat hit, nicotine salts deliver a pleasant throat hit with high 18 mg and 20 mg nicotine strengths. Therefore, it becomes sense to investigate the different e-liquid components that may influence your entire experience. buy vape in australia

Do All Vapes Have Nicotine?

The answer is no, not all e-liquids contain nicotine. Even some e-liquids don’t contain any nicotine. These are what are referred to as shortfills; for more information, see our article Shortfill E-Liquid: What It Is and How to Use It.

Do Vapes Have More Nicotine Than Cigarettes?

Nicotine levels in vapes can exceed those in cigarettes. This isn’t definitive, though, given the wide range of nicotine levels available for e-liquids. Cigarettes can contain varying levels of nicotine. The typical nicotine amount of a cigarette is 12 mg, however, it can range from 8 to 20 mg per cigarette. order vape online in usa

Social and Cultural Factors

If you’ve ever wondered whether vaping and smoking are similar, read on. The short answer is no, and it is well known that it is not. Many people are aware of the drawbacks of smoking and how they contrast with those of vaping, which may be why some people find themselves vaping more than they ever smoked. buy vape carts online in USA

There is a wealth of information available online regarding the harmful effects of smoking and how it can drastically harm your health. Numerous of the hundreds of chemicals released by cigarette smoke are harmful to the health of the smoker.5 People who vape are exposed to far less pollutants than those who smoke cigarettes.5 Additionally, vaping doesn’t create carbon monoxide or tar, two of the most dangerous components of tobacco smoke.5

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Vaping can also cost less than smoking. Once you’ve purchased your vape kit, it’s estimated that vaping is around a third of the cost of smoking.5 There’s also a Swap to Stop scheme in the UK where smokers can get free vapes to help them stop smoking. While vaping can be more cost-effective than smoking, this is only the case if you’re cost-conscious about your vape purchases. For example, disposable vapes are great to help test whether you like vaping. However, they’re not cost-effective in the long run, and after you’ve tested vaping out with disposables, it’s worth looking into a more long-term solution, like rechargeable vapes. vape for sale online in UK

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