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Buy Super Cheese Feminized Seeds


$225.00 for 60 seeds

  • Feminized Cannabis SeedsĀ Super Cheese Feminized is a is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females.


Buy Super Cheese Feminized Seeds

Buy Super Cheese Feminized Seeds are an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, made by mixing the genetics of Cheese with another phenotype, possibly believed to be Exodus Cheese. The product of the mix of these genetics is prime breeding in the world of marijuana. This strain first became popular in Amsterdam in the 1980s, where it was sold in the coffee shops. It made headlines when it made its second debut in 2015, too.

Super Cheese is definitely one for sharing with friends, as it is well known for its extremely euphoric and relaxed high. It’s no wonder this strain was popular in the coffee shops, bringing the perfect vibe to a social situation.

This extremely powerful Indica strain gets its name because of its extremely pungent aroma and taste of cheese. The cheesiness and earthiness of this strain make it an extremely unique flavour to experience. It is one of the better tasting of the Cheese strains.

It is a pleasure to grow Super Cheese because its flowering period is relatively short. It only requires 45-50 days for flowering indoors, although it may require a couple of weeks longer for outdoor growing. Super Cheese doesn’t grow super tall, and has quite an average height, meaning it does not take up too much space in your grow room. If you are growing outdoors, it is best grown in sunny, warm climates that have a long summer. You can expect a medium-sized yield from this plant, but don’t underestimate a medium yield. The buds on this one are strong enough to put inexperienced smokers on the ground. It is worth sacrificing an enormous yield to grow Super Cheese because it is an extremely powerful strain of marijuana.

Medical properties of Super Cheese

Even though Super Cheese is perfect for social situations, it also offers a range of medical benefits, too.

It is extremely effective at treating muscle spasms and seizures, which makes it a very good treatment for those who have epilepsy. This strain is known to have an analgesic effect, meaning it is very effective at combating nausea. Those suffering from depression have also reported that Super Cheese is effective. Overall, Super Cheese is a good strain to have growing in the garden, perfect for friends and for medicine!

How to identify Super Cheese

During the flowering state of Super Cheese, small pink calyxes will appear on the buds. Some of these will make it into the final product, and it can look slightly pink or purple. The buds are a dense green colour and the leaves have a darker green tint. The trichomes on this strain are large, but less noticeable than other strains.

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Those who like the effects of Super Cheese will probably also like to smoke any good Afghan-based strain. The high Indica content of both strains make them very similar to each other in effect, although the flavours of the two are very different.

Those using Super Cheese for its medical properties will also like Jock Horror for its abilities to combat nausea and depression. However, this strain is a sativa Indica hybrid, meaning the cerebral effects can be considerably different.

The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

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