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Easy Bud


Easy Bud is the perfect choice for absolute beginners. Its cultivation is so easy that it is almost impossible to miss it and even novices will have a good harvest. Easy Bud is not the tallest in height, but a yield of 150-200g / m² in just 8-9 weeks after germination is no small feat. With 12% THC it does not break a record but its effect is pleasant.

Genetic 55% indica – 15% sativa – 30% ruderalis
Parents White indica x ruderalis
Flowering period 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest
THC% 12%
CBD% Low
Indoor yield 150-200g / m²
Indoor height 50-60cm
Outdoor performance 30-80g / plant
Height outside 60-110cm
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Royal Queen Seeds


Easy Bud

Easy Bud Most autoflowers sure are not in particular difficult to grow but if there is one strain that really deserves to be called “nice and easy” it’s probably this little beauty. Easy Bud is a fast-growing Indica-dominant auto that really everyone can grow while still giving decent yields. Her smoke tastes awesome and with her being mostly an Indica she makes for a greatly relaxing high when you enjoy her.

Easy Bud had been created from a number of select indicas with some added Ruderalis to give her autoflowering ability. She’s so easy to grow that you really don’t have to do much once you planted your seed. Just make sure that you feed her and that she gets enough water and she will thrive. Since she is an autoflower, you won’t have to worry about light schedules which makes Easy Bud very-well suited even if you don’t have much growing experience at all.

With yields of about 325g/m² when you grow her indoors and up to 100g per plant when grown outdoors she will still make for a decent amount of bud comes harvest time. One of the other advantages of Easy Bud can also be her small stature of 50-60cm. This makes this seed a good plant for all those tents and spaces where you otherwise couldn’t grow a larger plant. Her entire life-cycle from seed to harvest is a pleasantly short 8-9 weeks.

What Easy Bud may be lacking in size she will well make up for when you can finally smoke her. Like the first-grade Indica she is, the 12% THC that she contains make still for a strong-enough smoke that will give an awesomely relaxing effect, perfect for chilling if you want to leave your worries behind. She is also an ideal smoke if you have sleeping troubles.

You’re looking for a super-easy and fast growing strain that you can grow without any hassles? Look no further than Easy Bud. This nice little autoflower will fit everywhere and sure won’t disappoint you at harvest time.

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