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Golden Goat by Irie Genetics


An especially tropical, sweet and heavily psychoactive strain, it is hard to believe that Golden Goat by Irie Genetics was created by complete accident. Rumour has it that its’ origins go back to Topeka, Kansas, where a single male Hawaiian-Romulan cross unintentionally pollinated a room full of Mr. Dank’s Island Sweet Skunk, thus creating a new hybrid that exuded all the lovely tropical, fruity flavours of its’ parental strains. This ‘happy accident’ as the late, great Bob Ross would call it, is cherished for its’ profoundly psychoactive effects and higher than average THC concentration. With THC levels that range from 18-26.5%, there should be no surprises as to the potency of Golden Goat. The effects of this hybrid are not felt initially, instead users are hit with a gradually intensifying high that begins with a cerebral, sativa-like buzz that can be described as uplifting and energetic, while imparting users with a sense of heightened creativity and laser-like focus. Golden Goat is ideal for users dealing with depression, anxiety, fatigue and lack of creativity. When it comes to flavours and terpene profiles, this hybrid is sure to be a contender for the GOAT (greatest of all time). As a cross between Island Sweet Skunk and a Hawaiian x Romulan strain, you can already imagine the sweet, tropical wonders that Golden Goat offers. Flavours of ripe pineapples, tart mandarins and crisp apples blend together to create a fruity infusion like no other.


Golden Goat by Irie Genetics

Golden Goat by Irie Genetics Sometimes accidents happen for a good reason and are meant to be, like in the case of the strain Golden Goat by Irie Genetics! A sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain was not intentionally made to be the product that it is currently known as. It just so happened by chance that, somewhere in Topeka, Kansas, the male Hawaiian Romulan hybrid strain pollinated the female Island Sweet Skunk sativa strain. And just like that, the Golden Goat was born. This strain is definitely a crowd pleaser as it can be used day or night, offering a range of both sativa and Indica effects that are uplifting, relaxing, and not domineering or heavy on either side! A sativa-dominant hybrid with a potency as high as 23%, Golden Goat’s flavor profile has a sweet and tropical blend, making for an enjoyable smoke for an already amazing, feel-good high!


Golden Goat by Irie Genetics is more of a creeper rather than an instantaneous hitter. While it is indeed predominantly sativa, it offers the best of both worlds as it offers a euphoric, cerebral high as well as a physical high that can be felt all throughout the body. It typically starts out as a buzzy head rush with your senses and perception becoming enhanced. Users will also experience their emotions being uplifted and enter a state of happiness. As the high progresses, users will feel a sense of calmness creep through their body as deep relaxation washes over.

This combination of effects make the Golden Goat strain particularly useful for regulating mood disorders such as anxiety, stress, depression or PTSD symptoms, and its uplifting though sedative nature can help relieve fatigue, headaches or migraines. As blissful as the experience is, however, it is not overwhelming and would not reduce you to a state of couch-lock. The high typically also lasts 2 hours, so Golden Goat can easily be smoked in the morning and throughout the day for a bit of an energizing wake-me-up kick, or during the nighttime for a cool down session before heading to bed!

THC Content

Golden Goat by Irie Genetics is a sativa dominant hybrid with a ratio of 70%:30%. It averages a THC count of 16%-23% and around 1% CBD, allowing this to be a well-balanced sativa option for medical users seeking the physical relaxation without being too tired out. It’s easily a great option for recreational users wanting a nice pick-me-up during a long, stressful or task-filled day. Those seeking an even stronger physical high may want to also give Golden Goat’s parent the Romulan strain a try, as it is almost a pure Indica with 1% CBD, 1% CBN as well as a THC average of 20%-24%!

Appearance & Aroma

This strain looks as its name implies–the nugs of Golden Goat by Irie Genetics are, indeed, golden! They can sometimes have speckles of red or pink, and are also quite dense and small. Their beauty is only enhanced by a generous crystal-like coating of resin. The strain can be quite pungent and has a strong smoke, so those wanting to be discreet when smoking should be wary of their environment. However, it is balanced out by bright notes of sweet citrus. Upon smoking, users can expect a tangy lemon flavor as well as tropical fruit similar to mangos which can be explained from its Romulan Hawaiian landrace ancestry, a delicious flavor profile for an otherwise dank strain!

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