Grape Jelly

Grape Jelly is a cross that produces vibrant, diverse buds with intriguing flavors.This strain is a hybrid of OG Glue and Sweet Purple D by Mary Jones and Uncle Spaceman (Island Sweet Skunk x NYC Diesel x Purple Mist). As the buds mature, they form teardrop-shaped buds with green and purple foliage that is gradually overwhelmed by resin. Grape Jelly can help to alleviate anxiety while also keeping the mind fresh. The lingering buzz keeps the mind engaged and centered while it rests in the body. This strain is ideal for relieving tension and anxiety while keeping a high level of productivity. The internal makeup of these shows a clear indica influence, with leaves twisting tightly inward toward to form a solid core.

The leaves are a mottled mix of sage green and dark purple, and the curly, rust-colored pistils add to the appeal of these vibrant buds.
Finally, OG Glue’s proclivity for high trichome production is passed down, resulting in a dense coating of glistening white trichomes

Grinding up or breaking apart these flowers, meanwhile, may yield some diesel-like fumes. When it’s combusted in a pipe or a joint, Grape Jelly burns with a pleasant-smelling smoke that may nevertheless irritate the consumer’s palate or sinuses

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