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Grape Suckers THC Pack



20.99 / pack

♣ 2 suckers per package x 15 packs

♣ 90mg THC ea. sucker

♣ 180mg THC per package

♣ Available in Pina colada, Strawberry banana, Green apple, Lemon, Root beer, Watermelon & Grape.

♣ Lollipops


Grape Suckers THC Pack

Grape Suckers THC Pack One of the oldest names in the game, Mountain High Suckers has endured while so many infused product manufacturers have shuttered for one reason: our company keeps it simple. Mountain High Suckers has produced handmade suckers and lozenges since their beginning in 2009. Not afraid to be bold, we infuse spiciness, mango and even coconut into treats, too. We’re the pioneer in the CBD market, providing edibles that have less of a psychoactive effect and yet still provide a host of benefits, with anti-cancer properties being aggressively researched—many call CBD the “future of MMJ.”

Most patients will be able to get several doses from a single sucker or lozenge pack. Chad Tribble and John Garrison started the company back in 2009. Within months they began testing their strains and discovered their genetics provided a fair amount of CBD. Since then we’ve tested every batch of our hash oil to ensure proper potency and consistency within our products. We’ve continued at a steady pace, cultivating the same genetics and hand making our products the same way today as we did in the beginning.

KRAV day and night time medicated suckers (180mg THC/pack). 30 suckers per value pack. Choose day time, night time or a combination of both (assorted).


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