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Ice Feminized Cannabis Seeds


$81.00 for 10 seeds

Feminized Cannabis SeedsIce Feminized is a is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..


Ice Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Ice Feminized Cannabis Seeds is created by crossing three renowned strainsAfghan x (Northern Light x Skunk), Afghan x (Northern Light x Skunk), and Afghan x (Northern Light x Skunk).
The name alludes to the cultivar’s most coveted feature: a gleaming covering of trichomes that gather en masse towards bloom’s end. There is no finer raw material than ICE for all you hash-makers out there.

CE feminized grows to a small height of of 100cm indoors, indicating that it is indica-dominant.
She has been known to reach a height of 200cm when left to her own devices outside.
Despite her compact form, pinching and topping might cause her to bush out laterally, resulting in a higher yield.

With huge, thick fan leaves, this strain has traditional indica characteristics. Light defoliation may be necessary to allow light to reach the plant’s lower bud locations

CE is a good yielder, averaging 500–550g/plant outdoors and 400–450g/m2 under a 600W light. It prefers a warm temperature, such as that found in Spain or California.

ICE will be ready after 8 weeks of flowering; however, a lot of growers leave her to mature for a bit longer, about 10 weeks total, to maximise the resin content.

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