Jesus OG Strain

Jesus OG Strain is a hybrid that has the ability to raise both the body and the mind. Sub-cool’s The Dank, a prolific breeding collective, has blessed us with this cross between the merry hybrid Hell’s Angel OG and TGA’s own Jack the Ripper. Although certain phenotype trend toward the intellectual sativa end of the spectrum, some lean toward the indica end. Jesus OG produces a high that is the perfect mix of mental and physical effects. This strain has a strong THC level of 20% and a delicious lemon flavor to boot.

This strain has small to medium-sized flowers with tapering, spade-like forms that gather together.
The buds have an indica structure with densely packed and coiled leaves, making the flowers dense and difficult to break apart without a grinder.
The leaves are a vivid neon green with copper pistils poking out.
This strain has a glossy sheen and a sticky texture thanks to the trichomes.

Sub-cool’s Indica is an indica marijuana strain.
The Dank as a less-than-perfect offspring of Hell’s OG and Jack the Ripper (talk about “unholy” parenting).
This is a gift for farmers, producing tall plants with large harvests.
This indica-dominant cross has a citrus kush scent, as well as strong effects that soothe the body while keeping the mind active and alert.

The primary scent emanating from these blooms is lemon, with a hint of ammonia — it reminds me of some aerosol cleaners.
A slightly dismal and bitter odor lingers beneath the surface, which grows stronger as the blossoms are burst open or burned.
When smoked, this strain has a pleasant effect.
It offers a lingering taste of herbs and citrus on the exhale, which may be recognizable to fans of

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