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Kerala krush


A slender plant of medium height, Kerala Krush has narrow leaflets and lonf petioles. indoors, best results are attained through pruning once or twice before flowering. Bending the lateral branches to 45 degrees reduces stretching by allowing light to distribute evenly throughout all the budding sites. Individual bracts are large and very resinous when left to mature fully. Buds form into long slender sativa-type flowers. Toward the end of the flowering cycle, the buds swell and become heavy and dense – the slight indica influence of Skunk #1. maturation times indoors are between 9 and 11 weeks with a 12/12 photoperiod.

Outdoors at 45 degrees latitude Kerala Krush matures in the first half of November, earlier if closer to the equator. A full May-November season outdoors produces plant over 3 meters (9 feet) tall when left unpruned. A good climate gives yields in excess of 500 grams per plant. The buds keep their weight and structure well when carefully dried and cured.

Kerala Krush has an extremely clear, cerebral high – potent and smooth from start to finish. her palate mixes cool fruit and warm spice. Medicinally sativa strain may be appropriate for appetite stimulation, menstrual cramps and controlling chemotherapy nausea.


Kerala krush

Kerala krush Sativa 85 / Indica 15 Origins: South Indian x Original Skunk #1 Flowering: 63-77 days Harvest: mid November Kerala, the Southern tip of the Indian subcontinet, is famous for goddess-centered Hinduism, tropical forests, white beaches, and blasting cannabis highs. Kerala Krush is an extremely vigorous hybrid – the result of pure Keralan sativa crossed with the robust Skunk #1. This sativa hybrid offers a Zen high, good yields and reasonable maturation times. Kerala Krush can be grown indoors, or outdoors from 45 degrees latitude right down to the equator. A greenhouse is a great compromise for outdoor gardeners in temperate regions. Flying Dutchmen recommends growing this variety organically in soil, but all other growing methods are suitable.

The Dutch know good weed when they see it, but beyond that, they know how to create it like it’s nobody’s business. The team at Flying Dutchmen decided to cross Skunk #1 with a South Indian landrace and came up with Kerala Krush, a bud that’s great when you need some extra pep in your step along with absolutely addicting flavors.

Moderate potency makes this strain great for most users, as you’ll find her ranging from 18% to 22% THC. Buds are fluffy and large, and while they may lack decent trichome coverage, her orange pistils are dripping with super sticky resin. A complex blend of flavors awaits you with sandalwood, fruit, and vanilla all dancing along your palate. Similar notes are present in her aroma along with a hint of cherry bubblegum that’s downright mouthwatering.

Typical Effects
Common Usage
If you have a busy day coming up where you’re not quite sure how you’ll accomplish everything on your plate, let Kerala Krush be your assistant. Your first hit will infuse you with a sense of energy unlike any other, and as you spill over with happiness, your ability to focus on the tasks in front of you will be unmatched. Double shots of espresso have nothing on this bud, and you’ll soar through the day with a calm that mirrors relaxation without weighing you down in the slightest. While kicking butt at work is a great option here, many users also like to indulge in this bud while meditating or doing yoga.

Nearly any medical ailment that could benefit from cannabis is likely to be given a helping hand by Kerala Krush, as she addresses both physical and mental concerns with ease. Depression and stress are given the boot as you experience total euphoria and any nagging fatigue will be gone in a flash. More often than not, gals turn to this strain to help out with cramps, and anyone experiencing nausea will want to light up before taking a bite.

Kerala Krush is a bit of a sensitive lady, so if you’re growing her outdoors in an environment that gets rather chilly, you may want to think twice. Topping early is an absolute must in order to cultivate an adequate harvest, and using Screen of Green will further enhance your results. Allow 9 to 11 weeks for full maturation and you’ll be surprised with just how much bud is on your hands.

Unless you happen to get super jittery when smoking sativa-dominant strains, Kerala Krush is pretty much the perfect bud out there. Her flavors are delicious, her effects are astounding, and as long as you take time and care during her growth, she’ll become a welcome part of your home garden.

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