Moonrocks Pre-Rolled Joints

Moonrocks Pre-Rolled Joints Each blunt is 1.2 grams of Bud, Oil and Kief made from a different type of cannabis and premium honey oil. Coated with strain specific Keif plus 5% CBD keif as goes with all the Moon Rocks to prevent green-outs as well as to give a stronger effect.

Moonrock Joints are one among the foremost expensive nugs you’ll find on the menu of your dispensary, and for an honest reason. It’s the foremost potent thanks to smoke weed. If you’ve got an honest supply of flower, kief and hash oil, it isn’t hard to form a moon rock. When a moon rock is completed right, you ought to hardly be ready to see what your nug originally seemed like . You can’t treat them exactly like regular weed when its time to smoke. So we’ll re-evaluate everything you would like to understand about making and smoking moon rocks joints.

Meteorocks and Stardust Prerolls are two other goods we provide. Except for one addition, these two items are identical to our originals in terms of ingredients. AAA kaboom! These two products have a little more punch for smokers searching for a stronger high.
Take a look at them here: Stardust Meteorocks

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