ORANGE KUSH is a marijuana indica strain, The advantages of this strain lull the body into rest while uplifting emotions, thanks to its sweet and tangy citrus flavor. Most bugs and mold are resistant to Orange Kush It features tall, thick buds with trichome crystals and numerous orange hairs.
This strain is a balanced 50/50 strain that can have a wide range of THC levels – some report it as low as 13% while the higher end reaches 24%, so keep that in mind before you take a hit or two. Attractive in smell, taste, and appearance, this strain blends fragrances of sweet orange with a bit of a skunky and spicy scent. It tastes very strongly like its namesake, with a sugar and spice type of aftertaste. Nugs of this strain are long and super dense, with a ton of bright pistils and glittering trichomes.
This strain is a dream for those who want a strong hit, with a delicious citrus flavor and intense mind and body highs.
It has a long history, including a second-place Bio win at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1994.
This lovely strain, which is the result of crossing Orange Bud with OG Kush, is thanks to Green Devil Genetics.
While its effects are appealing, it is a potent strain that should not be taken lightly.
is a 50/50 strain with a broad range of THC levels – some say it’s as low as 13% THC, while some say it’s as high as 24% THC – so keep that in mind before you take a puff or two.

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