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Pink Lemonade Strain


Pink Lemonade is a peculiar sativa-dominant hybrid strain that stays true to its namesake with its fruity flavours and refreshingly sweet aroma. If you’re seeking a fun, creative and uplifting hybrid strain with sweet flavours and a mellow buzz then look no further! Pink Lemonade is a strain that is often considered a mood brightener and day enhancer because of its blissful properties. The genetics of Pink Lemonade are often argued upon, with many people believing that it was created as the result of crossing together Lemon Skunk, Purple Kush and another mysterious, un-documented strain. Don’t be fooled by the inviting name and flavours of this strain, as its’ THC concentrations range from 17-22%, making it quite impressive for a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Pink Lemonade is known for its quick-hitting high that begins with a euphoric sensation that is mentally-focused and cerebral. Recreational and medicinal tokers alike revere Pink Lemonade for its highly uplifting and invigorating properties.


Pink Lemonade Strain is a sweet flower that’s a favorite of indica aficionados all over the world, despite the secrecy surrounding its actual origins. Pink Lemonade tastes just what its name implies: delicious sugary fruits with a hint of lemon sweets and a hint of mild dirt. The aroma is sour earthy with a hint of strong citrus and berry fruitiness. The high from Pink Lemonade is just as good as the flavor, with uplifting effects that are surprisingly intellectual for an indica. The high begins with a burst of energy that leaves you feeling ecstatic and slightly concentrated, albeit easily distracted. Your energy may begin to decrease as your mood rises, lulling you into a languid contemplative state of dreamy thoughts and heightened creativity.

This strain has a relaxing effect that quickly puts the mind in a haze and spreads throughout the body. On the exhale, Pink Lemonade smells like fruity, mentholated tea with lemon and grapefruit aromas. Medical marijuana patients utilize this strain to alleviate symptoms of focus, tension, and sadness. Pink Lemonade is said to come in petite buds with a thick covering of trichomes atop jade leaves and bronze pistils, according to growers. order weed in New Zealand, buy marijuana strains online,  cannabis shop, where to order marijuana online, how can l buy cannabis online,  Pink Lemonade Strain


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