Sour Scout


Take the sour, citrusy and diesel tones of Sour Diesel and mix them with the uplifting and relaxing high of Girl Scout Cookies and you get a hybrid like none other. Sour Scout is a true testament to the skills of Cream of the Crop Gardens – they pheno hunted for ages, searching for just the right cut of Sour Diesel and GSC, before settling for what they considered the creme de la creme of genetics. The marriage between these two strains resulted in a well-balanced hybrid strain that exhibits both the euphoric nature of its’ sativa parentage while also providing the relaxing body high from its’ indica side. With THC concentrations that range from 20-28%, Sour Scout boasts a higher than average THC level for a hybrid strain, making it a great choice for those seeking exotic flavours and a potent, long-lasting high. An all-around, multi-purpose strain, Sour Scout is ideal for any situation and any time of the day. Its’ happy, energetic buzz makes for a great wake and bake, while its’ relaxing, semi-sedating qualities make for a perfect after-work smoke.

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Sour Scout

This strain is a popular hybrid that is produced by two very popular and legendary strains. Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies combine its best properties to produce an amazingly balanced hybrid that is enjoyable for all types of users. Sour Scout has been around for a while now and is readily available in many regions. It can be enjoyed in low to moderate doses to take advantage of its sativa genetics. In heavy doses, users can expect the indica side to take effect and just relax.


This strain is quite potent and can have a THC content of up to 28%! As mentioned before, its genetics is very balanced with a 50/50 ratio. As a result of that, it can be used in many situations and events. Feel like you need a little mood boost or energy? Pack a relatively small bowl Sour Scout and enjoy a mood boost that comes with giggles and euphoria. Users will experience a moderate boost in energy that will make you forget you were ever tired. Many people also report tingliness in the limbs and around the face which they find pleasant and stimulating.

For users who want to relax and take it easy, pack a fat bowl or a roll a big one and let it take over. Along with the mood boost, extreme relaxation will take over and leave you couch-locked. We recommend large doses for evening use or before sleep. Also, prepare some munchies as it might stimulate your appetite and get you hungry.

Sour Scout is a great medicinal strain that is used by many who suffer from a variety of ailments. Due to its hybrid nature, it can be used to treat both mental and physical conditions. It can be used to treat:

  1. Depression
  2. Pain
  3. Stress
  4. Muscle Spasms
  5. Insomnia
  6. Lack of appetite

Appearance, Aroma, and Taste

The buds of Sour Scout are medium to large-sized and are quite dense. It is caked with trichomes which make it quite sticky and pale in colour. The aroma is characterized by heavy diesel and pungency with accents of sweet and earthiness. It is relatively slow-burning due to its packed trichomes and can be a little harsh for unseasoned smokers.

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