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Super Silver Cheese Feminized Seeds


$240.00 for 70 seeds

Feminized Cannabis SeedsĀ Super Silver Cheese Feminized is a is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..


Super Silver Cheese Feminized Seeds

Super Silver Cheese Feminized Seeds is hard to handle for beginner cultivators because of the strict nutrient requirements. Super Silver Cheese rewards with heavy yields after 10-11 weeks. Super Silver Cheese is good for day and morning time use. Silver Cheese by Big Buddha Seeds lives up to her name. Strains with the moniker Cheese have a reputation to uphold, and Silver Cheese by Big Buddha Seeds certainly does. The UK team discovered they had a true gem on their hands after combining Super Silver Haze with Big Buddha Cheese. Silver Cheese, despite being primarily sativa in nature, tries to provide users with a relaxing bodily sensation.

This strain has a fascinating collection of effects, making her a popular choice for people looking for a new daytime strain.Her sativa side, for the most part, promotes absolute euphoria and an increase in energy, allowing some to finally be as productive as they’ve always wanted to be. Although one’s focus and social tendencies may develop, this will not always be the case for everyone. Because of the tight fertilizer requirements, this plant is difficult to cultivate for newcomers. After 10-11 weeks, Super Silver Cheese pays off with large yields.
Super Silver Cheese is suitable for usage during the day and in the morning.

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