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3rd generation autoflowering strain. Tall-stemmed version of our Sweet Cheese Auto® (SWS33).

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SWEET CHEESE XL AUTO® 3rd generation autoflowering strain. Tall-stemmed version of our Sweet Cheese Auto® (SWS33). Sweet Cheese XL Auto® (SWS77) was developed through a recurrent selection programme of tall-stemmed and high production specimens of Sweet Cheese Auto® along multiple generations. This genetic produces taller plants than its predecessor, with an equally higher production of flowers and resin.

Preserves the intense and characteristic remarkably sweet Skunk aroma of Sweet Cheese® (SWS19), with tones of matured spicy cheese and a soft touch of lemon. This autoflowering option allows us to enjoy the excellent quality of Sweet Cheese® fruits in only 8 weeks after the germination of the seeds.

With this hybrid, Sweet Seeds has created a large automatic cannabis plant, a cross developed in a breeding program over several generations of selecting large and very productive Sweet Cheese Auto strains.

Sweet Cheese, a large automatic variety

Sweet cheese XL Auto is larger with greater buds and greater resin production than its predecessor.  It is easy to grow, both in the vegetative development and the flowering stage. It may reach a height of 75-140cm with buds maturing after about 8 weeks from germination.

It can be cultivated indoors with a yield of up to 375 to 600 g per m2, and outdoors with a harvest of up to 45 to 190g per plant, where the most suitable cultivation period is from March/April to August/September.

It is necessary to use large 18L pots for cultivation in order to produce large plants maximising root development and at the same time allowing a fast aerial development to obtain abundant yields.

Cheese cannabis in Auto XL version, power and taste

Cheese has a cheerfuleuphoricpsychedelic and humorous effect accompanied by a gentle but effective body relaxation, helping to reduce stress. This variety has high THC levels of 15-20% and just 0.1% CBD.

The aroma and flavour of this variety brings to mind a very sweet Skunk, like Sweet Cheese, with mature cheese flavours, spicy touches, and subtle lemonade notes.

It is an excellent choice for growers looking for automatic plants with old-school genetics, full flavour and potent effects.

Sweet Seeds Sweet Cheese XL Auto info:

  • Type: Feminised Auto-flowering seed
  • Genetics: Sweet Cheese Auto x Sweet Cheese Auto
  • Sativa / Indica hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 8 weeks
  • Outdoor growing: March to September
  • Indoor yield: 375 to 600g per m2
  • Outdoor yield: > 45 to 190 per plant
  • THC: 15 to 20%

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