White Skunk Strain

White Skunk Strain is a well balanced hybrid strain known to relieve stress and anxiety. These flowers smell slightly sweet and earthy with undertones of ammonia. The smoke is thick and mostly smooth. This strain will immediately leave users wrapped in an intense haze of cerebral spaciness that will relieve stress and anxiety while a demotivating body relaxation creeps in over time.

18 – 22% THC

The THC levels of this strain are on the moderate to high side, falling between 18% and 22% on average. This is great for users who love a heady high that is just the right amount of relaxing to still be functional. These leafy buds are medium sized and olive green with amber hairs and rich purple undertones. Spicy skunk and sour lemon hit your nose with force, while the bitter orange and pungent flavors come in a bit softer, but linger on the tongue long after the smoke is gone.

Full body relaxation is only one of the many benefits of this strain. Recreational users love this bud’s immediate cerebral waves that continue throughout the high, ebbing and flowing and bringing with it energetic bursts and creative enlightenment. You’ll find in your downtime a bit of introspectiveness, but as with waves it comes and goes and is often replaced by the need to share ideas. This bud is best used when you aren’t needed to be on your A game, but if you need to be functional White Skunk won’t prevent that.

Medical users love this strain as an aide with symptoms of mood disorders such as depression, bipolar, stress, or mild anxiety. Its ability to uplift and soothe the spirit make it ideal for these conditions. As it is very stimulating, it is great for nausea, digestion, and increasing appetite. The sedative properties make it stellar for use in mild to moderate aches and pain, as well as headaches and muscle tension.

As if this wasn’t an easy enough choice by now, you’ll love this strain for the simplicity of its growth as well. Like most Skunk varieties, this self-blooming plant is resilient to most pests and molds and is a great selection for beginner growers. It boasts bountiful harvests and has a relatively short flowering cycle at just 7 weeks to full maturity.

Whether you’d like relief from chronic fatigue or other afflictions or are just looking to get over a creative slump, this is a spectacular strain that exceeds all expectations of its parentage. It brings solid flavors and aromas, but overshadows both of those attributes with its stellar experience. Users from novice to advanced love White Skunk and for good reason. Newer users are recommended to proceed slowly for maximum enjoyment and minimal unwanted side effects.

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