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Apollo 11 by Bodhi Seeds


Apollo 11 is is a cerebral and psychoactive sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was first created by Brothers Grimm. An impressive cross between Cinderella 99 and a special, in-house phenotype of Jack Herer called Genius, Apollo 11 is the sister to Apollo 13 that provides more of an uplifting and mentally-engaging buzz. Bodhi Seeds took this strain, looking to refine it as their own and gave it a sharp, spicy lemon essence that has become iconic. This powerhouse sativa-dominant hybrid boasts impressive THC levels that reach as high as 26%, delivering a long-lasting and spacey, psychoactive high. Sharing many of the same traits as its’ exemplary parents, Apollo 11 is highly cerebral, providing a spacey high that is creative, uplifting and energetic. Beginner smokers should be aware, as the mental buzz may be overwhelming and anxiety-causing for some. Apollo 11 has a terpene profile and palette that is remarkably unique and out of this world! Many will recognize the earthy and woody base of Jack Herer, combined with the zesty, lemon and citrus undertones of Cinderella 99.


Apollo 11 by Bodhi Seeds

Apollo 11 by Bodhi Seeds There’s a reason why this breed was named after the first spaceflight to the moon! Get ready to launch yourself into space when you get your hands on this Indica-dominant hybrid strain, the Apollo 11 by Bodhi Seeds. Not to be confused with the sativa-dominant hybrid, Apollo 13, the Apollo 11 was originally a creation of the famous breeders at the Brothers Grimm farms and is made by crossing the already popular strains familiar to many in the cannabis community, Cinderella 99 and a phenotype of Jack Herer strain called Genius. Its high affects you both physically and mentally, and is quite strong with a THC count that goes upwards of an astonishing 26%. With sweet and spicy flavor’s backed by a powerfully potent high, this strain is sure to please. When you get yours, just be prepared for take off!


The Apollo 11 by Bodhi Seeds strain is equally powerful mentally and physically. The cerebral head high can be considered clean rather than hazy, and you will experience a sharpened sense of focus though may easily be distracted or jump from one idea to the next as your thoughts race and you enter a meditative-like state. While your thinking can be energetic, the experience can be introspective and spacey. The high is also strong on the body as you become couch-locked and are overtaken by a case of the munchies so you better have your space snacks ready! Because of its potency and effects on the mind and body, Apollo 11 is particularly ideal for those struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress or ADD/ADHD as your mind relaxes. Its body high can also help alleviate pains associated with spasms, arthritis, chronic pains, nausea and migraines. If you’re battling insomnia and in need of help getting to sleep, puff on some Apollo 11 and enter your own personal dreamy spaceland!

THC Content

Apollo 11 by Bodhi Seeds encompasses an Indica to sativa ratio of 75%:25%, with a staggering THC count that averages 18% on the lower spectrum and reaching an extreme high of 26%. If you have ever wanted to explore space, this strain will definitely send you there! While the Apollo 11 is definitely one to try, its Cinderella 99 and Genius parent strains are also widely popular. Cinderella 99 itself is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a 16%-22% THC average with a smooth, tropical pineapple flavour, while Genius, a phenotype of the infamous Jack Herer, is a well-balanced 50%:50% hybrid with THC reaching as high as 23% and 2% CBD, offering a nice and fresh flavour profile of herbs and floral notes.

Appearance & Aroma

This strain can be characterized by dense buds that are long in shape and it comes in shades of minty greens with speckles of fine brownish hairs which is further finished off and decorated with a layer of resin and white trichomes. The Apollo 11 by Bodhi Seeds has a nice, refreshing citrusy-wood scent. Some note that it can emit a smell that is a bit pungent, or even sour, similar to dairy or cheese in particular. However, upon smoking this strain, it is delightfully sweeter and more lemony tasting than it smells–one might even compare it to lemon candies!

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