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Buy AK Banana Strain Marijuana Online


Our Greentree buds recommend Infinity for relief of Stress, Order Weed Online, Depression, ADHD, PTSD, & Anxiety. Buy Cannabis Online, Master Bubba is an extremely strong strain that is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa varieties. Marijuana Online Shop, It has a THC level ranging from 6.48 percent to 8.51 percent, Kush For Sale Online.


Buy AK Banana Strain Online in Hungary

Buy AK Banana Marijuana Strain Online is a cross between Purple Kush and Vietnamese Black. Buds range in color from green to dark purple, sometimes almost black. The high balances the racy sativa effects of Vietnamese Black with the body high of Purple Kush, making for an awesome full-spectrum high.

AK Banana Strain is a classic sativa dominant hybrid it is not much popular in the cannabis industry but its smooth and strong  taste is worth the try this strain is a blend of ak47 and banana khus so its taste and aroma feels like banana fruit that’s how this name is given this product is best you love the flavour of banana and looking for something high power with good aroma and taste. THC 19%.


Guess what ? This sativa has a strong couch lock effect like no one else this thing is so powerful that your mind and body will freeze immediately after 5 6 puffs and give you a sense of calm relaxation and can kill your anxiety and depression in a matter of minutes. this powerhouse is recommended for only advance smokers for a newbie, in my opinion, this strain is out of his league


This hard-core  high provider smooth aroma strain can be used in alone time or with a group of friends when your mind is  craving for something different mix the strain well and roll in paper or by using chillum and enjoy the hardcore high of this AK banana if you feel this one is your match you can go ahead and cultivate it at your own place and enjoy the rollercoaster experience anytime

Where to Buy AK Banana Marijuana Strain Online?

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AK Banana Marijuana Strain helps with

  • Depression
    15% of people say it helps with depression
  • Stress
    15% of people say it helps with stress
  • Anxiety
    15% of people say it helps with anxiety


.Dry mouth
Helps with:
Banana Bread effects are mostly energizing.
low THC
high THC

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