Buy Mountain Man Blueberry Pie

Buy Mountain Man Blueberry Pie A High Times award winner, this amazing treat is made of simple but high quality ingredients: blueberries, brown sugar, butter, corn starch, flour, and oats. A very tasty experience, blueberry pie is just long mom used to make, except with THC.


Don’t be misunderstood by its sweet description this is not an ordinary piece of pie your mom use to make for you. It contains THC  which means it will give you a slight high with its delightful taste due to its THC content it will be helpful in elevating your mood and provide better sleep. This is the only sweet thing you will need to hide from your kids (if any ) as THC infused pie might not be the right thing for a person under 18 years of age.


This is made up of fine blueberries, oats, corn starch, butter and brown sugar. It contains no harmful ingredients. This dessert is best to be used in dinner as it is capable of proving nice sleep. Therefore, using in during daytime might make you feel lazy and affect your daily routine

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