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A fourth-generation autoflowering strain. We have used the famous Amnesia Haze clone known as “Cordobesa” to develop this strain.

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SWEET AMNESIA HAZE XL AUTO® Contrary to what the name would suggest, this is a highly active strain aimed at alleviating stress and curbing fatigue. By crossing two cuts of Amnesia Haze, Sweet Seeds gives us a sativa-dominant blend that will lift your spirits and melt away your pain with just a few puffs.

With effects that are typical of a sativa bud, you can expect a bright uplifting jolt of energy straight from the start. This is definitely aided by the extremely high THC average, swinging fairly wide between 16% and 22%. These neon green, compact nugs are highly resinous leaving your hands sticky to the touch and making your buds fairly aromatic. They’re accented with thin orange hairs and crystal white trichomes and smell of citrus and herbaceous incense. The flavors are similar with added hints of cedarwood and zest.

This strain offers an energetic boost that hits your head straight away. It starts off with a tingle in the back of the neck and head that spreads throughout the limbs, leaving you utterly giggly and wide awake. The motivating nature of her genetics kicks in after just a few puffs, giving you bursts of creativity and focus. The buzz between your head and body are fairly even, leaving the user functional, although sincerely euphoric. Enjoy the slow come down as your body eases into a completely relaxed state, letting you avoid all cares in the world.

Sweet Amnesia Haze is used to treat a myriad of conditions, which is why it is such a beloved strain of the medical community. It is best used for depression and other mood disorders such as anxiety and chronic stress because of its tendency to leave users in a euphoric but energetic state. This zest for life makes it great for chronic fatigue and even a lack of appetite. Her stimulating properties are perfect for treating nausea and constipation as well.

Growing this plant is a breeze, making it even more perfect than it already was. The embodiment of an “any man” strain, Sweet Amnesia Haze has a short flowering time of just 7 to 9 weeks indoors and a late September harvest outdoors. Buds will be plump and sticky and most growers will find they are in for a pretty high yield. This plant is recommended for any experience level and is considered a solid beginner plant for its self-flowering nature.

This seed is a heady, happy high ideal for anyone in need of a pick me up. Consumers love this product for their ability to be alert and productive while still feeling like they’re floating through the day. It also doesn’t hurt that the complex flavors and aromas give it an all-around connoisseur type feel with the approach-ability of a novice plant.

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