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Cobra Canada Pink Kush


10 grams / $250

Cobra Extracts Vape Cartridges are SC Labs Tested. All their cartridges are labeled to contain between 60 – 70% THC but lab tests show results to be upwards of 75% for all the hybrid vapes. These extracts are free of harmful solvents, glycols, and glycerin. The pen comes fully charged. No cables and no waiting. This single use battery with one pull and it is ready to go.


Cobra Canada Pink Kush

Cobra Canada Pink Kush is one of the unique products just like the line of muscle & joint rub and our cramp & arthritic cream, to be recurrently used by professional sports leagues and players around the world.

Cobra Canada Pink Kush
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Playing many sports and having personally suffered several deep muscle injuries, I was eager to actualize a compound that would provide real-time, long-lasting relief for this type of injury/pain, as nothing on the market was able to deliver. I began experimenting with known naturally analgesic extractions and thereby developed my own quantified muscle rub along with a cramp and arthritic cream. The results were profoundly more effective than anything else available. Not only for myself, but also for the initial few with whom I had introduced it to. What Cobra Canada has developed will revolutionize the pain/muscle injury realm within the arena of sports with its all natural, therapeutic, life-changing liberation.

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